Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities in Orange County

Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities in Orange County

Wondering where to volunteer and give back to the community this holiday season? Consider donating your time to any of these 13 organizations based in Santa Ana:

1. Think Together

Think Together supports students in their educational endeavors by offering after school activities, summer classes and college and career-readiness courses. The program serves a large part of California and is headquartered in Santa Ana. Volunteers can tutor and read aloud to kids, coach a sport, or provide career mentoring.

Address: 2101 East Fourth Street, Ste. 200B Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: (714) 543-3807

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2. Orangewood Foundation

Founded in 1981, The Orangewood Foundation provides support to current and former foster youth in the community. They provide meals, education, mentorship opportunities, and lots more to help adolescents with preparation for adulthood.

Address: 1575 East 17th Street, Santa Ana CA 92705

Phone: (714) 619-0200

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3. The LGBT Center OC

The organization provides support and services for the LGBTQ community in Orange County with programs that focus on empowerment and advocacy efforts. Volunteer opportunities are seemingly endless ranging from peer group facilitation, office work, immigration resources, outreach and civic engagement, and so much more.

Address: 1605 North Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana CA 92701

Phone: (714) 953-5428

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4. KidWorks

KidWorks is a community development non-profit serving low-income, at-risk youth in Santa Ana with fully licensed preschools, after school programs, tutoring, mentoring, and other services. Their goal is to change the lives of kids in the area and help end the cycle of poverty by inspiring them to pursue a life of success by going to college.

Address: 1902 West Chestnut Ave, Santa Ana CA 92703

Phone: (714) 834-9400

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5. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County

This national nonprofit has its Orange County headquarters in Santa Ana and works to offer one-to-one mentoring for youth who face adversity. Adults over 18 are encouraged to volunteer and spend some time with a child for a few hours every month. Activities can include playing at the park, reading books, visiting a museum, or any hobby both can bond over and enjoy together.

Address: 1801 East Edinger Ave #101, Santa Ana CA 92705

Phone: (714) 544-7773

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6. Assistance League of Santa Ana

The Assistance League of Santa Ana relies solely on volunteers to make sure operations run smoothly. Volunteers host holiday programs, scholarship funds, educational K-12 programs, dental centers, and even a thrift store. The league aims to help families flourish and transform the lives of children in the community through their community programs.

Address: 1037 West 1st Street, Santa Ana CA 92703

Phone: (714) 543-1120

7. OASIS Center International

OASIS is a community development organization working to positively impact low-to-moderate income communities through art mentoring programs. Their goal is to inspire children to explore and discover their inherent creative talents. You don’t have to be an artist to volunteer! Assistance in business administration, event planning, social media, and fundraising is always appreciated. Art mentors and artist assistants are always welcomed too!

Address: 200 North Main Street, Santa Ana CA 92701

Phone: (714) 361-4151

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8. Project Youth OCBF

Project Youth OCBF is a one-stop center for integrated prevention and intervention services with a mission to keep at-risk youth healthy, drug-free and in school. The non-profit’s services address barriers to education, health, crime, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse. Volunteer opportunities include mentoring services, informational interviews, and undergraduate internships.   

Address: 1605 17th Street, Santa Ana CA 92705

Phone: (714) 480-1925

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9. Children’s Learning Center

This nonprofit prepares children with visual impairments for a life of independence though early intervention, education and family support. Volunteers can join the nonprofit directly in the classroom, assist with administrative tasks, or help through corporate volunteer days.

Address: 18542 Vanderlip Ave B, Santa Ana CA 92705

Phone: (714) 573-8888

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10. Taller San Jose Hope Builders

Hope Builders supports more than 550 youth, who are caught in the cycle of poverty, striving to help them achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through educational and workforce opportunities. They provide employment support, job training, and other services to ensure personal and professional success is met. Volunteers can help perform mock interviews, share career insights as a guest speaker, or assist at their annual gala Light Up a Life.

Address: 801 North Broadway, Santa Ana CA 92701

Phone: (714) 543-5105

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11. The Cambodian Family

The Cambodian Family serves the refugee and immigrant communities of Orange County offering programs for creating health and well-being in their lives. Programs include community and mental health, citizenship help, and academics. Volunteers can help in their Plan Ahead Youth Program, Healthy Changes Program, Civic Engagement Program, and Immigration Program.

Address: 1626 East 4th Street, Santa Ana CA 92701

Phone: (714) 571-1966

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12. Mercy House

Mercy House provides economic, emotional, and spiritual well-being for individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside. Their goal is to end the cycle of homelessness for all those that enter their system of care.  

Address: 1505 17th Street, Santa Ana CA 92705

Phone: (714) 836-7188

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13. Olive Crest

Olive Crest is a non-profit dedicated to preventing child abuse and treating and educating at-risk youth. They serve nearly 3,000 children and families each day, working to make sure they grow up in a strong family, free from pain, fear, and isolation. Volunteers are welcome to help at events, mentor a child or family, organize a fundraiser, and so much more.

Address: 2130 East 4th Street #200, Santa Ana CA 92705

Phone: (714) 543-5437

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