BIRD Scooters Now in Central Orange County

BIRD Scooters Now in Central Orange County

The Micro-mobility trend has made its way onto the streets of Santa Ana with dockless electric scooters and rental app Bird appearing downtown for a pilot program running December 15 to January 31. This new alternative mode of transportation is helping large cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and now Santa Ana meet the needs of consumers in urban areas by providing an eco-friendlier alternative to getting around. If you’ve yet to hop onto this latest transport craze, here’s everything you should know prior to becoming a Bird scooter rider!

What Are They

Bird is a dockless electronic scooter rental service operating in over 100 cities across North America, Europe and Asia offering a quick and cheap solution to getting around town. Their mission is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Riders are able to find GPS-equipped scooters through the Bird app (available on iTunes and Google Play), and then rent them out for fast, cheap and easy travel.


Dockless scooters are environmentally friendly, reduce pollution and traffic, improve air quality, and are a cleaner transportation alternative to cars. They also help raise awareness of transportation alternatives, encouraging cities to invest in safety infrastructure that benefits the entire community.


Renting a Bird scooter costs $1 to unlock and 20 cents per minute of use. First time Bird users in Santa Ana get 30 minutes free of charge, which can be spent over multiple rides.

How To Use & Get Started

Much like other ride-sharing services, you’ll need to download an app to find an available scooter near you. Scan the QR code on the Bird and input your credit card information and driver’s license to claim your ride.    

  1. Find and Unlock – Find a Bird near you and tap the button to unlock.

  2. Safe Riding – Make sure to bring your own helmet to stay safe while riding. Bird can send you a free helmet as long as you cover shipping:

  3. Start Bird – Stand on Bird, push -off, then push throttle button with thumb to ride.

  4. Foot Placement – Place both feet on footboard while riding.

  5. Where to Ride – Ride in bike lanes, no riding on sidewalks.

  6. Brakes – Squeeze brake with left hand to slow down.

  7. Parking – Don’t block public pathways. Park by bike racks when available.

  8. Ending your ride – End your ride by tapping the button within the app.

If you’re riding around the city on a Bird, we want to see! Make sure to tag #UncoverSantaAna and #BeFreeWithBird on your social photos for a chance to be featured on our pages!