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Healthy Food Options at 4th Street Market

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Healthy Food Options at 4th Street Market

4th Street Market is a hub of niche community food vendors featuring a wide variety of cultural flavors and fusions. Though this upscale food court isn’t usually thought of for their healthy food options, there’s definitely an abundance of tasty and nutritious items to choose from. For those who carefully watch what they eat, we’ve compiled a list of healthful alternatives from each vendor.  

1. Alta Baja Market

Alta Baja is a Cal-Mex shop celebrating Californian, American, and Mexican flavors. They often host various events like cooking classes, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, tours, dinners, swaps, and community collaborations.

  • Seasonal Quinoa Salad (Vegan/Gluten Free) — Quinoa with seasonal vegetables, fruit, avocado, preserve lemon spread, toasted baguette

  • Puro Pinche Parri Salad (Gluten Free) — Greens, carrots, cucumber, tomato, cotija cheese, corn chips and choice of carne adovada (marinated beef), heirloom bean patty, or a poached egg

  • Breakfast Vegan Torta (Vegan) — Heirloom beans, chipotle mayo, tomato, avocado & a side of fruit


Hours: Monday: 8am to 5pm | Tuesday – Thursday: 8am to 7pm | Friday/Saturday: 8am to 9pm | Sunday: 8am to 7pm

2. MAR

Mar serves poke, teriyaki bowls, ceviche, quesadillas and tacos with a Spanish-Hawaiian twist. There’s lots of good, healthy eating to be enjoyed at this seafood joint.

  • Rainbow Bowl — Ahi, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, crab, avocado, cucumber, pickled ginger, sesame seeds

  • Vegan Bowl (Vegan) — Roasted sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, carrot, zucchini, Furikake, choice of white or brown rice

  • Philadelphia Bowl — Salmon poke, garlic green onion, ginger, cucumber, avocado, whipped cream cheese, sesame seeds, Furikake


Hours: Sunday – Wednesday: 11am to 9pm | Thursday – Saturday: 11am to 10pm

3. Falasophy

Falasophy is a modern Lebanese kitchen offering an assortment of falafel, hummus, and street food favorites with the subtle influences of healthy Southern California flavors. 

  • Plato’s Salad Bowl (Vegan/Gluten Free) — Hipster quinoa tabouli salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, lightly pickled red cabbage, house-pickled jalapeños, avocado, pomegranate dressing with falafel topped with tahini sauce

  • Crunchy Mediterranean Salad (Vegetarian/Protein Options) — Romaine, cucumber, tomato, Mediterranean-slaw, radish, olives, feta, pomegranate dressing, za’atar pita; with option to add chicken tawook kebab, chicken shawarma, grilled beef kefta kebab, or falafel (vegan)

  • Falasophy Platter — Rice, hummus, pickles, and cucumber-tomato salad (Lamb served with Mediterranean-slaw as a salad), option to add: falafel (vegan), chicken tawook kebab, chicken shawarma, pulled organic leg of lamb, beef kafta kebab

Menu (Option to Order for Pickup):

Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 11am to 9pm | Friday/Saturday: 11am to 10pm

4. Dos Chinos

Dos Chinos serves up imaginative Vietnamese-Mexican fusions that highlight the very best flavors from both traditions onto their dishes. Healthy options include vegetarian and seafood.

  • Thai Curry (Vegetarian) — Thai coconut curry, sweet peppers, cabbage, sweet potato fried yams, tamarino sauce, chimichurri rice, onions, crema, cilantro and avocado, option for rice bowl, salad, or burrito

  • Korean BBQ (Vegetarian) — Korean Mexican BBQ, sweet peppers, cabbage, chimichurri rice, crema, cilantro, and avocado

  • Lobster Elote — Lobster aioli, cheddar cheese, cayenne pepper, roasted corn, fried shallots, fried scallions, cilantro


Hours: Sunday – Wednesday: 10am to 9pm | Thursday: 10am to 10pm | Friday/Saturday: 10am to 11pm

5. GRAZE Handcrafted Burgers

GRAZE Handcrafted Burgers pride themselves in offering thoughtfully crafted gourmet burgers with only the freshest ingredients. Here, beef is not required for a great burger.

  • Veggie Burger — House veggie patty, caramelized onions, GRAZE sauce, tomato, arugula

  • Shroom — Cave aged gruyere, caramelized onions, garlic ‘shrooms, GRAZE sauce

  • Agave Chicken Sandwich — Blackened chicken breast, pepper jack, red onion, tomato, grilled jalapeños, arugula, tequila aioli


Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11am to 9pm | Friday/Saturday: 11am to 10pm

6. Jinny’s Pizzeria

Jinny’s Pizzeria is a seasonal pizza concept featuring scratch-made ingredients and farm fresh produce. The good thing about healthy pizza is that it’s still pizza!

  • Chicken Chopped Salad — Premium chicken breast, house mix, fresh baked croutons, pepperoncinis, red onions, tomatoes, black olives, cucumbers, mozzarella, and creamy Italian dressing

  • Veggie Lover’s — Mozzarella, bell peppers, tomatoes, black olives, onions and mushrooms

  • Skinny Jinny (Vegan) — Roma tomatoes, basil, garlic-herb oil, black pepper, maldon sea salt

Menu (Option to Order for Pickup):

Hours: Sunday – Wednesday: 11am to 9pm | Thursday – Saturday: 11am to 10pm

7. Supernatural Sandwiches

SuperNatural creates sandwiches influenced by international flavors with local and organic ingredients. They even offer an option to create salads from their sandwich ingredients and flavors.

  • Hydra Salad — Blackened fish with tri-chili aioli

  • Siren Salad — Spicy Garlic Shrimp Roll Salad

  • Encantado Salad — Crispy battered cod with chipotle aioli on Jicama slaw

Menu (Option to Order for Pickup):

Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11am to 9pm | Friday/Saturday: 11am to 10pm

8. Red Envelope

Though typically described as Vietnamese-fusion comfort food, Red Envelope also offers healthier alternatives to their available fusion foods.

  • Grilled Steak Spring Rolls — Grilled NY steak, spring mix, bean sprouts, white onion, cilantro, wonton crisp, vermicelli (pasta), house peanut sauce

  • Disciple Chicken Bowl — Red rice, lemongrass chicken, fried shallots, cilantro crema, soft boiled egg, and house salad (vinaigrette, pickled red onion)

  • The Americano Pho — Raised brisket, sliced NY steak, white onion, cilantro, green onion, bean sprouts, jalapenos, Thai basil, lime

Instagram:  @redenvelopeco

Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11am to 9pm | Friday/Saturday: 11am to 11pm

9. Wingman

Wingman provides ideal recipes for filling up after a challenging workout. If your preference is to abstain from sauces and fried foods, ask for your chicken “naked” (with a dash of Cajun seasoning and no sauce) and order your dishes without fries.

  • Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings — Lemon pepper seasoning on crispy wings

  • The Classic Rice Bowl — Served with fried chicken, rice, kimchi slaw, pickled cucumbers and egg with a choice of four or six-piece chicken wings

  • Cluckin’ Good Rice Bowl — Fried chicken, rice, kimchi slaw, pickled cucumbers, egg

Instagram: @wingmankitchen

Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11am to 9pm | Friday/Saturday: 11am to 10pm

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