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Discovery Cube: Rainforest Adventure

Make it a Discovery Cube Summer! 

Gear up for the ultimate rainforest expedition to explore and learn about the tropical rainforests of the world! This exhibit highlights the challenges facing rainforests and their inhabitants, and how you can help.

Visitors are invited to role-play as research assistants on a series of problem-solving adventures as they meet scientists and learn how to study rainforests. Topics include: tropical rainforests around the world, conservation, scientists, animals, plants and global connections. Featuring over 40 interactive components, two computer games, a distance learning kiosk and plenty of expedition props – vests, flashlights, binoculars and more!

  • Climb a 9-foot kapok tree
  • Explore a gorilla nest
  • Build a model insect
  • Identify endangered species
  • Crawl through a tree log
  • Become a research assistant through assignments, costumes and props

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Photo by Eutah Mizushima on Unsplash

Later Event: February 28
Live Band - Lola Caspar